Medical Forms, History & Medication


  • When registering your wrestlers, be sure you complete the medical forms thoroughly
  • Be sure we have a number to reach you in case of emergency and remember to update us if your numbers change.
  • Ensure your wrestler has any medications that they may need (inhaler, insulin, seizure meds, etc.) with them at every practice and tournament.
  • Notify the coaches about any medical conditions your wrestler has that requires medication.

Injury, Illness, Skin Infections, and Hygiene


  • If your wrestler has an injury, illness, contagious infection, or skin lesion, please inform the coaches immediately.  If the coaching staff is concerned about any of the above, the wrestler will not be allowed to practice or compete until a letter from a physician is received that clears the wrestler for participation.  This is for your wrestler’s safety as well as the safety of other wrestlers.
  • Skin infections can occur in wrestling.  Please be sure to check your wrestler’s skin on a regular basis.  Report any “pimples”, “rashes” or “bites” to the coaching staff so we can examine them.
  • Encourage your wrestler to bathe/shower before practice.  It is mandatory for your wrestler to bathe/shower after practice, as it greatly helps prevent illnesses and skin diseases.
  • Please be sure your child has clean workout clothing for every practice
  • Be sure your wrestler’s fingernails are kept short as long fingernails can injure others and also spread skin infections.

Mats & Gear



  • We will do our best to clean the mats and equipment.  Please help us decrease the risk of skin infections and other problems by the suggestions above!
  • Please do not allow your child to wear his/her wrestling shoes anywhere but on the mat.  We don’t want to bring any germs or bacteria to the wrestling mats.
  • Please wipe down the soles of the shoes with a household antibacterial cleaning product after each practice.  It is a good idea to clean the headgear also.
  • Please avoid walking on the mat with your daily shoes.  If you plan on walking on the mat, please bring a separate pair of shoes or remove your shoes.