TX USAW - Central Region Tournament Schedule

  • Tournaments are optional and each wrestler and parents decide which tournaments to attend.
  • Our belief is that the more mat time and experience the wrestler can get, the better.
  • The Club will choose certain tournaments to attend as a team with the coaches.
  • The Club will announce the tournaments the team will be attending with coaches at the parent's meeting during the first practice of the season.
  • Wrestlers can attend any tournament, even if the team does not.


TX USAW Weight Classes by Division

The TX USAW Age, Division, and Experience Level Certification Form is required and will be completed during Club Registration that is used to group wrestlers for tournaments.

Wrestlers are grouped by
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Experience
    • ROOKIE-have never competed in wrestling before
    • NOVICE-have only 1 year of experience
    • OPEN-have 2 or more years of experience


Registration and Pricing

  • Parents are responsible for registering their wrestlers and paying entry fees (typically $15-$25) for tournaments via Track Wrestling.
  • You must first register for a TrackWrestling account and get a Number ID for your wrestler.
  • Once you have received the Wrestler ID you can sign them up for each tournament they are attending.
  • Remember to save the Wrestler ID as you will need it to register for each tournament.
  • Click here for directions to sign up for an account with Track Wrestling.

Required Gear and Clothing for Tournaments

  • Team Singlet-A team singlet will be issued by the club
  • Wrestling Shoes
  • Headgear
  • Mouthpiece (If wearing braces)

Recommended Clothing and Items

  • Team T-Shirt
  • Team Sweatshirt or Jacket (if you have one)
  • Water Bottle
  • Healthy Snacks
  • A few bucks (just in case)
  • Digital Tablet and/or books (optional)
  • Medical Requirements – Medicine, Inhaler, etc…

Volunteer Coaching at Tournaments


  • If you are interested in coaching at tournaments, you will need to obtain USA Wrestling Copper Certification to be allowed in the coaching corners of the mat during matches.
  • You will also need to submit your certification to the Club to keep on record.


*PLEASE NOTE: USA Wrestling is in the process of changing their On-Line Course and registration process, so check back frequently to see updates to this page as we will update as USA Wrestling does.


Steps to Earn USA Wrestling Copper Certification

  1. Establish an online profile with USAW and obtain your USAW membership ID
    Create USA Wrestling Account
  2. Pass the background check required by USAW
  3. Purchase your USAW membership
    USA Wrestling Membership
  4. Purchase and pass the USAW Copper Level Coaching Youth Wrestling on-line course offered through this page.
    USA Wrestling Copper Level On-line Course

What to Expect at a Tournament & Expected Behaviors


Parent Expectations

  • Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their wrestler(s) to and from the tournaments.
  • Parents are responsible for providing snacks or meal money for their wrestler(s) during the tournaments.
  • Please be sure to check in with one of the coaches when you arrive at the tournament with your wrestler(s) and let us know when you leave.
  • Parents are responsible for their wrestler(s) at the tournaments, as the coaches will be busy coaching and will not be able to monitor them.

Weigh Ins

  • Wrestlers must arrive during their weigh-in time as noted on each tournament flyer
  • Finger Nails MUST be trimmed
  • Hair needs to above the collar and ears and not hanging in the eyes
  • Singlets must be worn at all weigh-ins
  • Officials or referees will inspect for skin disorders & a fingernail check

After Weigh Ins

  • After wrestlers have weighed-in, it is okay to eat a small amount of healthy food, snacks, and drink water.
  • Wrestlers should get settled in for the day and relax in the stands.
  • Please sit together with the other Vista Ridge wrestlers and parents.

During the Tournament and Matches

  • Parents and wrestlers will need to know the wrestler's mat number and bout numbers in advance.
    • You can access this information on bout sheets that will be posted at the tournament, or on
  • Once the tournament begins, wrestlers need to report to their mat table 2-3 bouts before their match.
  • Wrestlers can report to the table without a coach, but they should not begin their match without a coach.
  • If coaches are busy coaching others, they should tell the table/official that their coach will be there shortly. We'll get there ASAP.

Expected Sportsmanship

  • Our wrestlers are expect to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times, on or off the mat.
  • Win or lose, the wrestler is required to shake hands with their opponent and with their opponent's coach's.
  • Wrestlers should not complain, respond negatively with anger, nor should they boast or display excessive celebration.
  • Wrestlers need to positively represent themselves, their families, their town and their team, and be a positive example to other clubs and spectators.

Most of All...Have FUN!

  • This should be a fun experience, and if made to be fun will prevent early burnout for most kids.
  • The wrestlers should not feel pressured to win.
  • It is extra important for rookies to not worry about match outcomes.
  • We will continue to build skills and technique throughout the season.

Wrestling Rules & Scoring




If you're not familiar with Wrestling and would like to learn how a match is scored, here is a great video to learn more. 

Texas-USA Wrestling Youth Folkstyle Rules and Regulations


If your wrestler is going to be participating in tournaments, it would be a good idea to read through the Texas USA Wrestling Youth Folkstyle Rules and Regulations.